AE Power Solutions, Inc.

Pointing in the Right Direction


AE Power Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing quality financial aid consulting services for post secondary schools. We believe that an institution's Financial Aid Office is the key to insuring that an institution will be able to maintain its enrollment by providing resources to students that will aid them in pursuing their academic careers. To aid an institution, we provide a myriad of services which include the following:

Department of Education Compliance Reviews

Even with your best efforts, are you sure that you are following the guidelines and procedures the Department of Education mandates in order to participate in federal funding? Do you have all the documentation required in order validate your procedures? Are you aware of what your are required produce for audits? Can you produce a verifiable audit trailof events?

Training and Implementation of PowerFAIDS

Are you utilizing the full capabilities of the College Board financial aid software called PowerFAIDS? We offer support and training to your staff so that they can understand and develop financial aid policies for electronically award financial aid and producing reports that can be passed on to those entities that rely on the information provided by financial aid.

Staffing Solutions

Occasionally Financial Aid offices require  answers to hiring new staff members or adjusting their existing staff's job responsibilities.  We can provide competent financial aid knowledgeable answers for your personnel issues.  We have had experience in a Financial Aid offices at both the functional level and the administrative level so we can determine what is the best fit for you. When you need us, we can lend a hand in finding the answers you need to get the job done right.

Data Integration Between Campus Software.

Softwares not talking to each other? Not sure how to move information between systems without monumental tasks and steps? Then allow us the opportunity to show you how effortlessly these systems can be integrated so that they provide the information you need when you need it.

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